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Supplier Supporting FCA requirements for Minth must adhere to the following requirements

PF-7051 Part Supplier – Paint Continuous Conformance Test Requirement

  •          Update from 11-2014
    •    Cover page “This is a selected FCA Italy S.p.A or FCA US LLC document that will be used as it is for the joint products”
    •    Added reference to AS.0001 <A> Color and Gloss Requirements…
    •    No other changes in document

AS.0001<A> Color and Gloss Requirements for interior, exterior trim, underhood, and functional components

  •          New Release in Jan-2017 please review






Effective Jan 1, 2017 "Nissan Green Purchasing Guidelines"
All Minth Supply Chain Partners providing materials to Renault and Nissan are required to comply with "Nissan Green Purchasing Guidelines" Effective Jan 31, 2017
Nissan Green purchasing Guideline for Su[...] 
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]


OESA 1st Quarter Update - Global Market
OESA 1Q 2016 Reports.pdf 
Adobe Acrobat document [3.1 MB]





Minth Americas Purchasing Policies

Unless otherwise agreed in writing and reflected on your Purchase Contract the following effective dates and Policies are part of all Minth Americas* Purchase Order Contracts

Effective Jan 1, 2015

Minth Contract Liability as it relates to PO Type, Material Type and Forecasted Planning.

Type: Production Material                                                                                                                      Material Type: Packaging                                                                                                                       Forecasted Planning Liability based on EDI or communicated Release Requirements:                           A. Finished goods product: 15 days -Finished Goods at 100% of is agreed on sale price value.             B. Work in Process (WIP): 15 days –WIP at 60% of the agreed Finished Goods on sale price value.   C. Raw Material: 30 days – Supplier Purchased Cost x 6% or 40% of the agreed Finished Goods            on sale price value, whichever is less. 


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