Established in 1992, MINTH Auto Parts Company began its humble life as a small factory in the Xiaogang Development Zone located on the outskirts of Ningbo. In 1997, the company organized its various branch companies into a single Group Company, and MINTH Group Limited entered into a new area in the field of exterior auto-parts of passenger vehicle in Mainland China. On 1 December 2005, MINTH Group was listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 0425). MINTH has now expanded to become a leading supplier in design, manufacturing and sales of body structural parts, trims and decorative parts of passenger vehicles. 


MINTH supplies to many world-renowned international automakers. Together, MINTH's customers represent 80% of the total global auto market share. By locating its production facilities in close proximity to its customers, MINTH is able to provide customers with JIT service so as to immediately respond to customers' demands. Domestically, the Group has established over 30 production facilities in the Eastern, Southern, Northern, and Central Regions of China.


MINTH has an extensive production network in China. With the completion of strategic layout in the domestic market, MINTH has also steadily stepped into the global market. It is constantly increasing its export sales globally and enhancing its R&D capabilities, with a team of 600 specialists. Sales and Design Centers were established in international auto markets like Tokyo, Munich, and Detroit. Production Facilities were established in the US, Thailand, and Mexico.


Looking at the future, MINTH will expand into emerging markets, such as India, Brazil and Russia. MINTH's production facilities have introduced many advanced production lines and the processes include extrusion, co-extrusion, roll-forming, bending, stamping, injection, surface treatment (which includes plastic & metal painting), plating, chroming, anodizing, and more. MINTH has also formed strategic alliances with world-renowned auto-parts producers, dedicated to constantly improving its production efficiency by fully utilizing its comprehensive advantages in cost and technology in order to keep up with the fast growing industry.

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